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Introduction to 7-Day Success Formula

If you are looking for a legitimate way to earn extra cash without worrying about whether or not the program will work... then take a good, long look at the 7-Day Success Formula (7DSF).

The payment structure is simple, proven, and successful! I have been designing programs for 22 years and 7DSF is the clear-cut winner as far as payment structures go.

We created a two-page flyer with the important elements of our program for members to mail. We also have this website to present more details about 7DSF.
 Our program is different from what you see every day when you open your mailbox.

Here is what's different about us!

CUSTOMER SERVICE - We answer the phone when you call!

 - We understand business opportunities and can assist you with sales and marketing.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE - We are proficient with online marketing and are willing to teach and share.

The 7-Day Success Formula Pay-Plan


7-Day Success Formula is designed to be affordable to start - and then easy to UPGRADE to the higher levels as you earn! For example, the Level 1 price is $200 and Level 2 is $350... just $150 more. You earn $80 per sale on the $200 Level (Box #1 commission = $80), so after just 2 sales - you'll earn $160! That's more than enough to UPGRADE to Level 2!

Earn 3 ways... Direct Sales (Box #1), Indirect Sales (Box #2), and UPGRADES (Levels 1,2,3,4)! Each of your Box #1 signups will receive their own flyer!  It will have their name in Box #1 and your name in Box #2! As they start signing up new members into their downline - YOU start earning Box #2 (Indirect) sales commissions! You will soon be able to afford to UPGRADE again! It doesn't take long for members to begin seeing how much more they can earn if they move up a level or two! 

Program Specifics
Electronic Payments, Commissions, Upgrades
When you join, your name goes into Box #1. Your sponsor's name will go into Box #2 on your flyer, and ADMIN will always be in Box #3. Admin will take care of answering questions on what money to send to which boxes... as your downline members UPGRADE. You will earn on UPGRADES!


  1. When YOU join, your name goes into Box #1.

  2. Your SPONSOR's name will go into Box #2 on your flyer.

  3. ADMIN will always be in Box #3.



When you join it will be up to you to decide how you will be paid. There are several ways to go. There is a tradeoff between flexibility and complexity. 

If you have never accepted electronic payment before, it is probably best not to start now. Remember that even if you decide to accept electronic payments - your sponsor may not. It's best that both Box #1 and Box #2 on your flyer agree on a payment setup.

Admin accepts just about all forms of payment but will not entertain becoming a "clearing house" for the members. In other words, we will not accept credit card payments and send you cash.

A) Cash Only You can choose to accept CASH ONLY - which simplifies everything, but also limits some of your customers.

B) Cash and Money Orders

C) Cash, Checks, and Money Orders

Electronic Options

Right now we are sticking to basics with Cash, Check and Money Orders.


Credit / Debit Cards - If you want to use a credit card - Call Joe Redoutey at 352-459-1146 and give Joe your info. He has a Merchant Account and can accept your card!

The EASY WAY to Start!

The best way to start is by accepting Cash, Checks, and Money Orders.

Start using this simple and basic method.

Accept Cash, Checks, and Money Orders to begin with. You can always decide to add other methods later. Decide on a case, by case basis.

Here's how to accept your first payment:

1) Choose the level that they wish to join at. Decide on cash, check, or money order payment.


For EXAMPLE: Your prospect chooses the $350 level... and decides to buy money orders for payment. At the $350 level, they will need to buy three (3) money orders.

Box #1 - $140 money order

Box #2 - $70 money order

Box #3 - $140 money order

The easiest thing to do is:

1) Make a copy of the flyer (page 2). Fill it out and CIRCLE Level #2 so that it is clear which level you are joining.


2) Make 3 copies of the order form. Address 3 envelopes - one for each Box # address... alternatively you can write the addresses down on a sticky note if you plan on using Priority Mail (so that you get tracking #'s for each one). Insert one copy of each into each of your 3 envelopes, retaining the original for your records.

3) Go to the US Post Office - purchase your 3 money orders and 3 Priority Mail Envelopes all at the same time and mail them off. Keep your receipt.. it has tracking numbers.

Note: If you are going to write personal checks, have them written already and bring them with you to the Post Office. If you are buying Cashier's (Bank) checks... just buy them on the way to the Post Office.

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After you have made
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Welcome Email
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The Welcome Email!
The Welcome Email!
The Welcome Email!


Marketing Resouces Website

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Below is a screenshot 
of our

Marketing Resources Website.

Right now Flyers and Leads are available,
as well as Text Blasts if
 you have a Website!
Custom websites are available from Admin!


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