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How to get to our:
Marketing Resources Website
We have a dedicated website where you can order 
your flyers, postcards, leads, and text blasts!
We'll give you the website address in your
Welcome email which you'll receive 
right after you join the program!

Here's how to get the
secret website address:

Getting a Quick Start!

It's important!


So you just enrolled in the 7-Day Sucess Formula! We want you to hit the ground running! The faster that you share your offer, the better your chances are that someone will JOIN!

So we built the MARKETING RESOURCES WEBSITE. We'll send you the website address in your welcome email. Here's what we have:


Available Now!

Print and Mail Flyer Mailing - This a Full-Service, "Done-for-You" mailing service. Flyers are printed in Color on "Glossy-Book" 80# paper, folded, inserted into #10 envelopes, addressed, postage applied, and mailed.  

Print and Ship Flyer Mailing - This is a Print and Ship to you service. The flyers are printed in color on 80# Glossy-Book, and shipped to your home for mailing. You can order mailing lists on peel-and-stick labels for you to apply.


  Text Blasting!  $197.00

Why do you even want 

to SEE this website?

Because if you DON'T 

visit this website, 

you'll procrastinate!

Go and get flyers ordered!


You want to go to this website because

it is the Fastest and Least Expensive

way to get your COLOR FLYERS

shipped to your door!


1000 flyers for $227.00!

1000 genealogy leads for $170

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 By the time you finish reading this entire page, you will see that - if you want to make money from home - then the Best and most Cost-Effective method is Email Marketing. In order to understand why this is true,  REALLY UNDERSTAND - then you need to learn:

             The RulE of 7

The RulE of 7

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The conclusion is straightforward and makes perfect sense! If a prospect needs to see an offer SEVEN TIMES, then the least expensive way to get that offer in front of the prospect will probably be THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY.

FOR EXAMPLE: To mail a letter to 1000 people costs about $900.00. However, it costs almost NOTHING to send the SAME LETTER via email!

If the Rule of Seven is valid- it will be very expensive to make SEVEN CONTACTS!


Mailing 1000 letters SEVEN Times will cost around $40,000.00

The answer to the multiple contact

dilemma is Email Marketing.



Let's examine some statistics:


About Coaching

One of the things that I have always enjoyed is teaching. If you are interested in learning about EMAIL MARKETING, I can teach you. I open a FREE Trial account for you on and I'll help you create a good email list. I'll teach you how to write great emails and usually compose your first 5-10 emails.

We use "Quick Assist" - a built-in App in Windows 10 or 11. You must have a Windows 10 or 11 computer (no Chromebooks)

If this sounds like something you might like - text me or call me.

Fred Gronvall
(513) 593-4126


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