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So  you can spend your time

taking orders... 

Instead of trying to

figure out how!

Mail our 8.5" x 11"

Full Color Flyer!

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Here's how you get paid!


Crazy Cash costs $450 to JOIN.

To Join Crazy Cash you send $450 to the person who sent you the postcard or flyer (your Sponsor). The Sponsor keeps $350 and sends $100 to the program ADMINISTRATOR - Rod Gunther.

The program is setup as a traditional Mail-Order program using CASH or Postal Money Orders for payment. However, you have the option of accepting electronic payments. It's entirely up to you.

CashApp, Zelle and PayPal are the methods that I accept, and I charge a bit extra on PayPal orders to cover the fee that they charge.

I can also send you an INVOICE which you can pay using a Debit or Credit card or PayPal.

My CashApp "cashtag" is:  $GregoryBodkins

My Zelle payment code is:   757-343-3501

  or my email

Click the

"Buy Now"

button below

to JOIN!

This is a PayPal button

but can work without

logging into PayPal

See the picture below 

this button.

Join using the EASY PAY button above to pay using PayPal


Skip the PayPal login and click on

"Pay Using Debit or Credit"

and pay with your debit or credit card!


Marketing Supplies

Flyers and Postcards are sold by Rod Gunther (the program owner). You can just call him and order over the phone, or just email him. 

ROD GUNTHER:  (415) 424-9419

Postcard Pricing:


(500) 6" x 11" JUMBO Color Postcards - $260

(1000) 6" x 11" JUMBO Color Postcards - $460

Flyer Pricing:


(200) 8.5" x 11"  Color Flyers - $160

Note: Flyers are sold in 200pce increments. If you want 400 flyers, just send 2 x $160 = $320


Greg Bodkins

Greg Bodkins

PO Box 15160

Chesapeake, VA 23328


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